Nosework Course

Nosework (Detection) is an activity which allows your dog to harness their innate use of smell to detect odors. This class introduces your dog to the scents of anise, birch, and clove.

As the dog gains more skill, specific target odors are introduced, and the search can be expanded to entire rooms.

The beauty of Nosework is that virtually any dog can do it, including dogs who can't take part in more vigorous exercise because of age or physical limitations. Nosework training can increase the confidence of shy or fearful dogs, and it's even suitable for dogs who are high energy, as it helps them learn how to focus.

Reactive dogs are ok to join, there will be distance added or the dog needs to be ok in a crate. Dogs need to be motivated by treats or toys.

• Uses the "Odor Pays" system, based on the latest science
• Imprinting on anise, birch and clove oils
• Dogs learn to a focused alert on scent boxes
• Indoor searches
• Learn the odor recognition test for NACSW
• Go home sample to practice at home
• Dogs need to be motivated (treats or toys)

• REACTIVE DOGS ok to join! Will have distance between pairs.


starting at $249

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4 Week Course