June's Crew - Therapy Program

Therapy dog training offers a wide variety of benifets to both the dog/handler, and people they interact with.

We will work your pup extensively to make sure they are the perfect fit to be safe around the people in need. We have a strict set of guidelines that we will show you, work with you, and help you to succeed in the Animal Therapy world!

Upon graduation you will be allowed you to bring your pup to nursing homes or hospitals to cheer people up and bring about as many smiles as possible. This provides the patients with added happiness that can relieve a lot of daily pain and stress of life.

It is also a lot of fun!

• Builds a better bond with you and your dog
• Boost your confidence as a handler
• Promote Healing through therapy


$299 inital fee (65$ yearly renewel)

Available Spots



5 Week Course