Jump Wall Course

• New levels of confidence building.
• MUST be toy driven.
• 18 months or older pups.
• Reactive dogs ok to join!

Reactive dogs are ok to join this class as there should be no dogs being socialized together and at least a minimum of 3-5 feet away from each other during the class.

Unlocking a new potential in your dog can not only be fun for you, but extremely rewarding for your dog! The wall climb course here at Elite will give your dog a new level of confidence, teaching your dog how to successfully ascend varying lengths of a completely vertical wall. The wall climb course will take place over 5 weeks, starting with the basics of learning the approach, launch, and ascending of your dog. We will also teach you the proper use of the dog belay system, the wall’s toy retrieval system, and basics of how to compete. By week 5, your dog (pending their size) will be scaling our regulation wall climb with ease.

As long as your dog is 18 months or older, with toy drive - we believe that this is another unique course to build confidence, stamina, and athleticism in your dog.

The wall climb has numerous safety measures in place, with a full belay system to catch your dog should they falter. Additionally, Elite’s wall is the only regulation wall climb in the state of Ohio.


starting at $279

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4 Week Course