Our Groomer is AKC S.A.F.E. (Safety, Assurance, Fundamentals, Education) and NDGAA (National Dog Groomers Association of America) certified and currently pursuing her Master Groomer Certification. Her dedication to the safety, comfort, and overall well-being of her clients shines through her efforts to provide an environment that encourages the dogs to be at home in the salon.

If you and your pup have never been to a salon before, consider a session or two of table training. We will tailor all our plans and goals around your dogs instinctive need to feel comfortable, this is one of Anna's specialties. Pricing is always based on the quality of the coat and length of appointment. The goal is for the pup to feel a sense of ease up on the grooming table, making our groomers work, more pleasurable and safer for both parties.

Other things that normally aren't thought of are things like shampoo and conditioner. Our team has multiple different types of shampoo and conditioner that is formulated not only to work together but work differently on certain coats. Deshedding, Defumigating, Medicated, and Ultra Moisturizing shampoos are just a few of the many products we have. We will always discuss options and our best practices with clients to make sure that they have the knowledge on how to maintain their pups' coats until their next visit.

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Estimates of Cost

All costs below are an estimate only. They all will vary based off of not only the dogs temperament, but the size, coat quality, and desires of the handler. Scheduling is also a very fluid item, due to the nature of animals in general, we do our best to make sure you have the most accurate time frames possible. Our staff will contact you before the service is complete to allow you drive time for a pickup.

Pricing and Scheduling - For apointments, please call: 440-666-0749

  • Walk-In Service (Every Saturday 8am - 1pm)

    • No Baths.
    • Nail Trim/Grind. Puppy = $12 | Adult = $12 - $15
    • Anal gland expression. $8
    • Ear plucking and cleaning. $10
    • Sanitary Trim. $15
    • Teeth Brushing. $5
    • Posh Pup. $28 (includes nail trim/grind, teeth cleaning, paw pads shaved, feet trim, ear cleaning, cologne, bandana)
  • Full Groom

    • All grooming packages start at $60 and will increase depending on the dogs size, breed, coat type, and tempermate.
      • Extra Small Breed. 1-8 pounds.
      • Small Breed. 8-18 pounds.
      • Medium Breed. 18-60 pounds.
      • Large Breed. 60-80 pounds.
      • Extra Large Breed. 80+ pounds.
  • Table Training

    • First appointment is evaluation. Cost = Full Groom + $20
    • During the first appointment we try and stress the pup as little as possible. This will allow us to assess the needs of the pup. Our Groomer will then talk with the handler on frequency of visits, and things they can do at the home to make sure the pup doesn't fear the salon.
    • After the first appointment, we work in a full groom during the repeat visits.




"Our cavapoo Barley loves spending time with Anna! We rely on her for monthly grooming, nail care and an occasional anal gland squeeze 😳 We are first-time dog owners and rely on Anna’s expertise and advice, and she has never disappointed us. Barley is always fresh and clean, fluffy soft, and so handsome when Anna completes her grooming. Wish I could keep him looking that good each day. Thank you Anna; you’re our hero." - Owner, Carolyn



"Anna is the absolute best. She has been Chewie’s person since he was 5 months old. All I have to do is whisper the word Anna and he gets so excited. She takes amazing care of my little guy and loves him almost as much as I do. I highly recommend her if you want a groomer that takes special care of your furbaby! She takes the time to get to know their quirks and what makes them comfortable vs uncomfortable and adjusts accordingly. Just look how handsome she made my little guy!" - Owner, Leanna


Kota & Brody

"Anna always does a beautiful job on Kota and Brody. They can be a handful but she is always patient and kind." - Owners, The Browns



"Anna takes extra special care of my tripawd saint bernard, Melody. Melody always come home looking like a show dog! She is so soft and fluffy after her spa days." - Owner, Cheryl



"Anna had her hands full with our pet "Sasquatch". She managed to transform him into a very cute and clean-cut dog! Just magic! 🐾💕" - Owner, Julie



"Anna was so kind and patient with our dog, Red. She was very thorough and asked all about him via messages before we even came in. She was up front, honest, and did a really amazing job! Red was so happy - and so were we! Thank you, Anna!! We will be back soon!" - Owner, Samantha