Head Groomer

Originally a groomer for a larger company, Anna has opened her own grooming facility here at Elite K-911. She has always loved to groom our four-legged friends and strives to learn and grow. She has already expanded her clientele and has even brought in dogs that were deemed "unable to groom" by other companies. Anna is AKC Safe and Fear Free certified along with the 10 hours a month of continuing education. Her focus is on dogs of all sizes and ages with behavioral issues related to grooming. The grooming team works together and invests in the well-being and health of every dog that comes into the salon.



Madison has just started her journey as a bather and is partnered with Courtney. A husky owner herself, she knows how to properly take care of a coat. She is interested in the behavioral modification side of grooming and has started her shadowing with Anna. Madison is driven and determined to work with dogs that do not like the grooming process. Her favorite breeds to work with are double coated dogs that require deshedding baths.