Boarding at Elite K-911 has changed a lot over the years. Coming from oringally having 20 or so kennels, to undergoing massive renovations and upgrades, we have increased the size and quality of our kennels by almost 50%

That being said we have reduced the total overall kennels that we have on site. Our kennels are 4' x 5' and have a large tempered glass front wall. They also have food / water carriages build into the wall to provide easy access for staff and for the pups to be able to eat / drink without flipping / disturbing their dishes.

When it comes to food you have 2 options. We recommend bringing in your pups food for them. This will help keep their bellies as stable as possible during their stay. You can also opt to have us feed our Kennel Food that we have on-site. It is the same food our Owner feeds his pups every morning! (no chicken)

We can administer medications as well! Please make sure to let us know if your pup has medications that we need to take care of during their stay!

We do ask that your pups understand how to be in a crate. By no means does this mean your pup will be in a crate during their stay, however there are times during the day, or in the morning while we like to clean the kennels 150% and need the pups to be out of the space for that time. (20-30 minutes during the day.)

The BATH and FULL GROOM prices are their base prices and will change based on each pup individually. Our Groomers base their prices off coat length, type, quality, and overall temperamate of the pup. If you are interested in using Elite K-911 to board your pup, please call us to get on the schedule! Spaces are limited!

• 1 night, or many nights
• Must be able to survive in a crate
• BATH and FULL GROOM prices are minimum estimates
• 4' x 5' Kennel
• Glass fronts to allow plenty of sight.


starting at $69


Early Dropoff/Late Pickup - $10
Training - $30 /30 minutes
Medication - $3 per day
Special Kong Treat - $5 per
Bath - (starting) - $60
Full Groom - (starting) - $80
House/Crate training - TBD


2 dogs - same kennel - $99
2 dogs - different kennel - $124