Board and Train

The Board & Train program allows you to bring your dog to our facility for training and behavior modification. The program includes a go home lesson where we show you everything your dog has learned, teach you how to maintain such behaviors, and two follow up lessons to be used at any time.

The recommended program and duration of the stay will be discussed during the evaluation and will be based on your needs and goals. Some behaviors can take longer to overcome based on how advanced commands or behaviors are. During the dog's stay they will be working with a dedicated trainer numerous hours per day, plus play time, and rest time. Dogs will have one day free of training per week, where they will enjoy play time.

• 3 or 4 week stay at our facility
• Dogs over 20 weeks of age and fully vaccinated
• Basic obedience commands under distraction, in public places, and under stressful circumstances
• Bed & crate commands
• Custom tailored behavioral modifications: counter surfing, separation anxiety, fear issues, begging, aggression issues, resource guarding, nuissance barking, etc.
• Leadership skills and the pack order with humans
• Fulfilling structured activities
• Off leash training
• Fulfilling structured activities: tug, flirt pole, fetch


starting at $4340


3 or 4 week stay