Training at Elite K911


Training at Elite K911


Training at Elite K911

Training Class

At Elite K-911 we like to start with our dogs at an early age with socialization. We'll teach them to be curious about new things while exploring the world they live in. They will also learn to be comfortable while on a leash without jumping and pulling, as well as practicing basic house manners.

Our Puppy Right Start Class is a comprehensive training course that encompasses everything you need to know on how to care for and train your new puppy properly. Puppies between age of 8-16 weeks old that have had their second round of vaccines are eligible to join this class. This class is a total of 5 sessions at our training facility. It is a group class (5 puppies max), necessary for proper socialization skills. We encourage families to participate, so every family member can also learn the proper way to consistantly train their puppy for positive results. We also offer, private one-on-one, individual plans to meet specific goals and address specific behaviors in your home, and it can start the day your puppy comes home with you.

Puppy Right Start Class is 5 comprehensive sessions preparing your puppy for positive growth and learning. It is a group class that focuses on individual needs by addressing puppies behavior and interaction with one another. Each session is a training course for both you, your family, and your puppy. See how these session will benefit you and your puppy.
1st training session block - HUMAN ONLY CLASS, meeting with parents & trainer to discuss the training process, fill out training contracts, make payments.

Training Class

•Learn proper puppy health and nutrition. A canine nutritional health professional will inform you of proper foods and snacks that are the healthiest for your growing puppy.
•We will teach which toys are the best toys for your puppy.
•How and when to properly vaccinate your dog, and what these vaccines protect against.
•The proper way to pick-up/handle your puppy to ensure less stressful vet and grooming visits.
•Explaining required grooming and grooming specifics based on certain breeds in the session.
•Proper house and crate training expectations.
•Puppies to socialize with other puppies, and discuss appropriate behaviors between dogs.
•Setting proper expectations and reading body language.
•Learning how to recogonize negative behaviors.

Training Class

•Begins with socialization.
•A brief Q & A session, and follow-up from previous session.
•Train you and your puppy the correct eye contact and how to turn it into a command.
•Train puppies how to approach people without jumping, overexcitement, barking, or whining.
•How to use your body language and spacial pressure to correct negative behaviors.
•Train handlers how to use positive reinforcement with treats.
•Train handlers how to properly begin leash training that encourages the puppy to want to walk with you.
•Working individually with you and each puppy's training progress.

Training Class

•Begins with socialization.
•A brief Q & A session, and follow-up from previous session.
•Come Command
•The Dos & Don'ts of commands
•Encourage the entire family in this session, including children.
•How to make learning and new training fun for you and your puppy.
•Using commands in a socialized setting.
•Being able to execute commands with distractions.
•Working with different family members on executing commands.

Training Class

•Begins with socialization.
•A brief Q & A session, and follow-up from previous session.
•Overcoming obstacles; A-frame, Balance Beam, Uneven Board, Tunnel
•Exploring puppies senses.
•Introducing everyday items that may induce a negative reactions in order for your puppy overcome fears.
•Overcoming fears; Toys, Kids Toys, Bicycles, Wheel Chairs, Vacuums
•Assessing whether further training in these areas are needed for healthy growth.

How much is
Puppy Training

• 75$ (non-refundable) deposit upon enrollment.

• 316$ Total. (15% off 2nd dog (269$), same owner, same class only)

• Total Price includes added equipment (collar or leash)

• At least 2nd round of Vaccinations required to participate. (including Bordetella - we need email/paper copy)

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Puppy Training!

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