We train dogs,
One human at a time.

A customized approach for training your dog the way your dog best understands the learning process.

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Proper coaching changes the lives of everyone involved.

We have always had a firm belief that you can change your world with the proper coaching. We can train dogs every day, but if the same methods aren't being followed through in all aspects, the chance for any "training" to be successful drops. That is why here at Elite K-911 we pride ourselves on being the best dog handler training facility around!

  • Leadership Packets.
  • Flexible Hours.
  • Guiding paths to AKC, Therapy, and many other avenues for further success.

Give us a call and we can see where you and your pup would fit into our training rhythms and get your started on the right path! 440-666-0749

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Why Choose Elite K-911?

Through group classes or private training, our team emphasizes understanding, establishing and maintaining pack leadership via balanced training. From basic commands to advanced classes, we strengthen the bond between dog and handler while promoting socialization.

Balanced Training

Through the use of both positive and negative reinforcements, we will help you and your pup explore the world of obedience and how to best achieve a positive relationship.

Flexible Classes

We try our best to make all arrangements around personal life as we can. We can schedule around vacations, trips, or any other appointments.


Our Owner, and all our trainers have combined over 40 years of animal training. Combined they have over 30 certifications and awards proving their dedication to our canine companions!